Advancing Diversity Honors and the Diversity Hall of Honors focus on employment diversity and the diversity of thought, experiences, ideas/creativity, investments and skills. Our programs and events acknowledge those who are dedicated to advancing diversity; demonstrate and promote media, marketing and advertising as a welcoming home for all young people beginning their careers; send a clear message of our industry’s commitment to diversity; engage industry leaders in relevant and meaningful educational and networking events; and raise funds for our industry’s organizations that support and advance diversity in many forms.

1stFive focuses on advancing talent acquisition, retention and leadership development initiatives in the media, marketing and advertising industries, with a focus on multi-cultural diversity. 1stFive focuses on advancing the talent acquisition, retention and leadership development initiatives with a focus on multi-cultural diversity by supporting our community’s newest members from their first internship through the first five years of their careers. 1stFive creates experiences to help them navigate the first years of their careers, and to assure they recognize the opportunities and experiences available to them beyond their day job. Each summer, 1stFive hosts events for summer interns, creating a welcoming environment and contacts that may last them throughout their careers.

Legends & Leaders honors those who have shaped the modern media, marketing, and advertising industries and institutionalizes their experience through video interviews and events connecting them with emerging and future leaders. Induction into the Legends & Leaders Hall of Fame offers an opportunity for those who have made valuable contributions to their business community, but whose role and knowledge would otherwise be lost, to share that knowledge for future generations.

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