As the Upfront season winds to a close, press reports are heralding advertisers’ return to network television, spurring both volume and cost-per-thousand increases. However, there are behind-the-scenes realities that tell a more complex story. When the press reports broadcast network Upfront increases, as the Wall St. Journal did last week based on data provided by
Media, entertainment and marketing are among the world’s most influential and innovative industries. While innovation is at the heart of investment in these businesses, most executives and legacy companies remain embedded in decades old systems and business models. The industry is caught in the crosshairs of a tectonic shift from legacy media — that remain
All of us in the advertising and media business should be concerned about the repercussions our industry will most certainly confront as this election season is analyzed and deconstructed over the next months and years. First and foremost, we need to ask why the rules and regulations requiring honesty and factual proof of claims are
2016 may prove to be one of the most pivotal years in advertising history, and 2017 the most important. We will look back upon transparency issues, data miscalculations, over-the-top video advances, mergers & acquisitions, and economic fluctuations as by-products of a transformational shift in media business models that is being led, somewhat shockingly, by leading