Millennials receive a mix of adulation and scorn from older generations, but few give proper attention to the emerging next generation, which is a “boom” generation of new consumers. Dubbed Gen Z, this new generation consists of those born after 2002. Currently, the eldest members of Gen Z are ready to exert their full financial
Total advertising spending is forecast to grow 3.3% in 2017 to $190.3 billion, spurred by 20% growth in digital spending that is offsetting 6.7% declines in linear/legacy media investments, according to the 29th Annual Jack Myers TomorrowToday Official Marketing/Advertising Industry Spending Data & Forecast. MyersBizNet publishes the only independent and most thorough analysis of marketing
Between 2000 and 2020, total U.S. marketing communications investments will have grown a scant 1.9% from $544.8 billion to $586.7 billion, according to a new economic report issued today on 28 above and below-the-line media and marketing categories by MyersBizNet. (The full report is available to MyersBizNet paid member companies at During the two-decade
After serving as CMO of the Coors Brewing Company and then MillerCoors for nearly ten years, Andy England joined National CineMedia as CEO and Director just over a year ago with a mission to reposition the NCM business from simply delivering ad messages to movie-going audiences to “being the connector between brands and movie audiences,” helping