Jack has over 40 years of expertise in media, advertising, marketing, content creation, technology and management. As an expert on the relationship of technology to cultural, societal and business transformation, Jack’s knowledge and insights o er guidance to all those who are navigating a world in which profound change is a constant. Whether it’s speaking to and working with C-suite executives or high school students, Jack brings an informed, innovative, visionary and motivational perspective that has been compared to a “GPS-system for living, loving, and managing change.”

Jack Myers is an author, media ecologist, documentary lm producer and visionary whose forty years of leadership in the media industry has garnered immense respect and admiration. A media ecologist and Founder/Chairman of MyersBizNet, Jack has studied, reported and consulted on the impact of technological advances on culture, society, business, education, politics, entertainment and relationships. He has written ve books, produced multiple award-winning lms, and has become a leading expert and speaker on a societal transformation being driven by technology and led by a post- Millennial generation that he considers to be “the next great generation.” He created and built MediaVillage.com, which is home to the thought-leadership websites of more than 100 leading global media companies and executives. His most recent best-selling book The Future of Men: Masculinity in the 21st Century has been called “the rst book about modern men written for women,” and is a guidebook for improving gender relationships and adapting to rede ned gender roles and expectations. He has founded and is active in multiple non-pro t organizations focused on supporting women and young people, serving as chairman of the International Radio-Television Society Foundation, founder of WomenAdvancing.org and 1stFive.org, and is a board member of SheRunsIt.org and the S.I. Newhouse School of Syracuse University.

Jack is a George Foster Peabody Award winning author and Academy Award and EMMY nominated lm producer with a Master’s Degree in Media Ecology from New York University. For more than 40 years he has been recognized as one of the media industry’s leading visionaries. He has served as a trusted advisor on business and cultural transformation to senior executives at more than 200 leading global companies, including CBS-TV, GE, General Motors, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney Company, Campbell Soup Co., Sears Roebuck, MetLife, Bloomingdales, Turner Broadcasting, AT&T, Viacom, WPP, News Corp., AOL and Buzzfeed, He is a results-oriented authority on marketing communications, customer relations and talent development, with a focus on advancing visionary business models for future-proo ng companies and organizations.

  • Providing leaders with a visionary understanding of the impact of emerging technology on culture, society, marketing communications, revenue-generation, talent requirements and organizational shifts;
  • Managing marketplace perceptions and tactical insights for enhancing brand equity;
  • Understanding the power of data and analytics for competitive marketplace assessment and organizational decision making;
  • Identifying, developing and advancing progressive business goals and diversity initiatives;
  • New business development ideation and strategic implementation of transformational revenue-generating business models;
  • Defning and supporting the new talent acquisition and retention resources required as a new post-Millennial generation enters the workforce and requires radically different organizational support and structures;
  • Chairman, Board of International Radio and Television Society (IRTS)
  • Board Member, Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University
  • Advisory Board, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development at New York University
  • Foundation Board of Trustees, She Runs It
  • Founder, WomenAdvancing.org
  • Board, John A. Reisenbach Foundation for a Safer New York
  • Board, TD Foundation serving veterans and their families
  • M.S. Media Ecology – New York University (1976)
  • B.S. Communications – S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University (1969)
  • Brand Perception Auditing
  • Visionary Strategic Goal-Setting
  • Transformative Thinking on the Impact of Technology on Culture, Society
    and Business
  • Corporate and Organizational Revenue Generation and Fund Raising
  • Multi- media Content Creation, Production and Distribution
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Future-Looking Talent Development with a Focus on Diversity, Mentoring, Coaching and Leadership Training
  • A motivational and results-oriented speaker and guide for all those who are navigating in our increasingly complex and continually transforming society
  • The world’s leading expert on the post- Millennial Gen-Z cohort that is destined to be this century’s greatest generation, with females at the forefront of change and males struggling to identify their place and purpose.
  • An expert on how advancing technology, social media and new business models are transforming education, business, politics, communications, non-pro t organizations, society and culture.
  • HANK AARON: Chasing the Dream
  • GE FocusForwardFilms.com